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Dalek Cakes

In honor of the return of Doctor Who, here are the Dalek “cupcakes” or mini cake-majiggies I made at a previous premiere.

What you will need:

  • Swiss rolls
  • Lots of frosting
  • Whatever candies you would like to decorate. Pretzels are good for the sitcky-out bits; you could also use Pocky. I also used M&Ms, Rollos, and Twizzlers.

Slice off the very bottom of one Swiss roll so it stands up easily. Then slice a piece off the second roll at an angle so it will lean against the first roll and cut a bit off the top too so it sits against it nicely. This takes some practice, but you are covering it all in frosting anyway so it’s OK if it doesn’t look beautiful.




Cover the whole thing with frosting until it resembles a Dalek-shaped blob. Then decorate with candy to look more Dalek-like! Enjoy!!


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