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What’s making Bryson happy the last few weeks!

After some delays, it is time to talk about what is making me happy!

-I have been really enjoying my continued reading of the Ultimate line of comics that Marvel put out ages ago (better late than never!). I’m not always a huge fan of Mark Millar, but I’ve found his take on the Avengers and X-Men very interesting. The main characters are very conscious of their appearance with the media which is very interesting, and unusual in superhero comics. With the success of The Avengers in the movie theaters, it is especially interesting seeing how heavily the filmmakers drew upon a lot of the concepts that Millar put into the Ultimates. Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be the best of the bunch, good stuff!

The Score is the latest book in Darwyn Cooke’s great adaptations of the great Richard Stark books. Haven’t read yet, but I loved the last two!


-I’ve been enjoying Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions a whole lot (there is a lot of Spidey in my life right now!), which has been fun not just for the action, but for the enjoyable storyline and diversity of gameplay. I’ve especially dug the 2099 levels and the Noir stuff too.

-I am also happy to have celebrated the birthday of my favorite artist around, Selena! We had a fun weekend eating out (good sushi, finally!) and doing some tie dye. Fun!


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This entry was posted on August 30, 2012 by in What's Making Me Happy.
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