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What’s Making Selena Happy This Week (8/31)

Here’s what’s making me happy this week.

  • The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I’m the kind of person who loves reading over lunch and a bit before bed, but this was one of those books that drove me to read in the few minutes in the morning between making lunch and running out the door, after getting home from work when I was supposed to be making dinner, in the doctor’s office in my paper gown. I can’t remember the last book that grabbed me so profoundly. It’s a story about childhood and stories and memories, and there are some way crazy people in it. It’s one of those interesting books where you figure out at the end what’s been going on the whole time and you say “well, gee.”
  • Myong’s Grill & Buffet in Fayetteville, a Korean buffet I went to on my birthday. No frills, good food…it was perfect.
  • Three-day weekend containing a Doctor Who premiere and a trip to Topsail Beach! Awright!

Kimchi pic by Charles Haynes.


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