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What’s Making Bryson Happy!

Hey! I am still alive and ready to post here in 2013, Selena has already highlighted some of the amazing food we’ve been cooking (tonight was pho!!)! Anyway, I am going to talk a bit about what has been making me happy for a this week, and many other weeks! Sound good? Good!



First up, I need to give a shout out of one of my more recent obsessions recently, Judge Dredd. I was interested in checking out the comic thanks to Douglas Wolk’s excellent blog, Dredd Reckoning, which reviewed all the current Dredd books in print in the States. Judge Dredd is such an interesting comic; it melds typical sci-fi adventure plots with wicked black humor and satire of the USA. This is a comic that manages to walk a fine line of cheering and hating the main character in a way that is so unlike other anti-heroes out there. It is also a comic that is not afraid to mess with its status quo, which is always impressive. I’ve been snatching up the Complete Case Files which I’ve enjoyed a lot. Also excellent was the recent film, Dredd, which I thought channeled the world very well. I could have used a bit more dark humor, but they nailed the tone and look of Mega- City.


Marvel the untold story

Another comics related item that is making me happy is the fantastic book, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe. I am about halfway through this fascinating book about the creation of some of the greatest comics of all time. There is great details on the personalities and stories on how these comics were created, and so much information on how the comics were created and sold. Things like the creation of the direct market, and the rise of better creator’s rights are fascinating, at least to me! So far my favorite part was the 1970’s which was so massively volatile in terms of staffing and leadership but managed to create epic, mind-altering tales!  If you have even a passing interest in comics history, you need to pick this up. Sean has done a great job!




Recently I’ve been trying to listen to more audiobooks to beef up on the number of books I get through each year at the library, so I’ve been listening to more audiobooks. Probably the best I’ve heard so far has been Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn. Think Ocean’s 11 in the Star Wars universe with an elaborate heist led by Han Solo and a cast of, ahem, scoundrels. This is such a fun book, and the audiobook is fantastically performed by Marc Thompson. Highly recommended! Next up, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


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